A Death in the Family

So I was awoken with the news yesterday that my friend and colleague, John Skibinski, had passed away after a short illness. Shocked and profoundly saddened are the only words and thoughts that I can muster. John was one of those people who everyone liked. He was funny, smart and clever. He loved movies. I’ve never met anyone who has seen more films than John. We could talk for hours about film. He always had a little clever opinion on just about any film he’d seen.

I walked around Istanbul thinking of John for the better part of yesterday. I thought about writing this post but I wanted to gather my thoughts a little more. I wrote the previous post yesterday to help me not think of the tragedy that had befallen all of us at Black Dog, Emily Carr and all of his friends across the globe. I looked into flights back home so I could be with my friends and co-workers. I decided that it would be better for me to stay with my family here and mourn him in my own way. I’m so sad that that this has happened and I wish I was there to share my grief and also my joy at knowing such a quality individual. John was one of my favourite humans. He will be missed.

I don’t have any photos of John, I borrowed this one from my friend Basya.


For those of you who read the Black Dog Newsletter, I will be sharing more thoughts and tales of our good friend in this week’s edition.


6 thoughts on “A Death in the Family

  1. Hey Darren,
    I met you a few times, I’m Lisa, John’s long time friend. I”m living in New York and having trouble being so far away too.

    Here is a page to remember John. feel free to post here too.


    I’m hoping to be back in Vancouver andhave a Celebration on his birthday, which is March 24….will let you know if it happens…

    life is short, glad you are living it up.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, such a hard thing – being this far away when something this sad and awful happens. I’ve already joined the page and will be adding my thoughts at some point. Damn.

      I don’t know if I’ll be back in Van by then but keep me in the loop.



  2. Hi Darren

    We found your blog while looking to see if there is to be a memorial for John. We liked him a lot and feel very sad, so we send our condolences.

    Looks like you and the family are having a really fantastic adventure.
    Brilliant blog!

    Jack Hunter & Dorothy McClelland

    • Thanks, Jack. Yes, John was a great guy and is sorely missed. Such a shocking tragedy.

      We are having quite the adventure and thanks for the kind words.

      Hope that you and Dorothy are well.



    • Maybe check in with Jessica or the other kids at the store to see if/when there might be a memorial.
      Or if I here of anything I’ll send you a message.



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