A little ditty about Romania and Bulgaria


Here’s a few photos of the time we spent in lovely Romania and Bulgaria. Quite enjoyed both countries, although I was feeling under the weather for most of Romania. I think I got a hold of some dodgy beef in Spain. Lousy Spain! It’s all good now though. Beautiful part of the word. I even got my haircut in Sofia!


Is that Lil’ Reaper I see?


Junior Reaper chillin’ in Brasov.

We had a couple of great apartments in both Bucharest and Brasov. Although the bathroom n the one in Brasov had quite an unpleasant odour to it a combination of rotten cabbage, cloyingly gross sweet candy and Dracula’s ball sweat. (Don’t ask me how I know)  Nothing that a little incense couldn’t take care of.


This wine tasted as good as it looks. In fact, it kinda of tasted like the bathroom.

We took a long train ride – 13 hours – from Bucharest to Sophia, passing 3 atomic power stations along the way (photos were revealed in my previous post). Sophia is a lovely town – more cosmopolitan than I expected despite seeing swastikas spray-painted around town. And much less dog shit and spit on the sidewalks than in Romania. Both had there fair share of ugly abandoned factories that lined the railways. You’d think shipping  jobs overseas wouldn’t have effected this part of the world. Sad.


Did I tell you my love for olde timey trains?



I guess that this is a thing.


Non-Stop Funeral Service!




Swanson on the Dr. Seuss Nordik-track.


Out for a nice stroll in the park. “Dad, what’s that?”


Mind Blow!


Sexy pregnant cat, don’t you know smoking is bad for the baby?!


Caution, ladders!


Chup Chups, mofo!


This place has really gone to hell since the Soviets left. Just put some tape around it, we’ll fix it…tomorrow, ya tomorrow…


I love me some olde timey streetcars.

We’re in Plofdiv, Bulgaria for a couple of days (and Tami’s birthday) then it’s off to Turkey for a spell followed by Jordan and then Thailand! Crazy times.

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