All Good Things


Sunsets here include volcanoes! Suck it, Vancouver! Just kidding. You know I love ya, baby!

With less than three weeks remaining in our adventures, my mind is starting to turn to the life that I left behind. And with that, all the stupid stresses I’ve managed to avoid for the past 10 months have come flooding back into my brains. Of course, the state of the video stores is at the top of my list. They’ve managed to hold steady and actually had some pretty good months where we turned a slight profit! Imagine that. Why can’t every month be March! We have an amazing staff and they’ve done a great job keeping the ship afloat in my absence. It’s like I’m not even needed there…sniff.


Hello, old friend.

After perusing the upcoming forecast for the summer – hot and dry and long – combine that with a fairly week release schedule and I imagine that I’ll have more than a few sleepless nights ahead of me. Damn you, global warming!


At least I have this lovely sunrise to keep me company when I can’t sleep. And it comes with a volcano as well!

I was hoping that this trip would inspire me where to go next with the stores and what I might do in The Future. What is a 50 year-old man with limited skills to do in this day and age? Come on, inspiration, I have three weeks left, inspire me! Hopefully you won’t see me at Starbucks flipping burgers. But seriously, I’m returning with a renewed energy and excitement for the business. I love my job! I even have some new ideas that will hopefully help to prolong the business into The Future!


What does the future hold? Please be this!

It also doesn’t help that my bookkeeper has vanished into some black hole without getting my taxes into my accountant! They are already 2 1/2 months late and I’m sure the government hates me. More loss of sleep and of what little hair I have left. Anyone know a good bookkeeper?

Anyways, enough about that shit. We’re wrapping up our last week on Gili Air. It’s such a wonderful place, near the top of my favourite places we’ve managed to experience on this excursion. It’s so relaxed and chill (as Swanson likes to say). It’s a nice mix of locals (most have been so friendly and Swanson has made many friends at some of the local bars and restaurants, complete with cool-guy handshakes. He’s become somewhat of a minor celebrity here on the island) and tourists. We’ve enjoyed great food, amazing sunsets, cheap beer, weirdly erotic statues, giant lizards and spiders (I’m slowly becoming accustomed to these creepy bastards) and excellent snorkeling – I had a few encounters with magnificent sea turtles. So cool. I still haven’t decided if I want to learn to dive or not but I can see the appeal. Maybe next time.

Swanson turned 10 the other day. He’s an amazing fellow and, mostly, a joy to be around who’s had such a great experience during this mega-trip. I only hope that much of what he’s seen and done will stick with him long into his life. I imagine that it will but, then again, he’s only 10.

We had a swell day eating cake, swimming, playing Minecraft and going for some great pizza. A couple of Italians opened an fine pizzaria here and it easily rivals anything I’ve had in Vancouver.


Swanson about to dig into, what he claims, is the 4th best pizza on the trip. I think it’s easily the best pizza we’ve had. What does he know, he’s only 10. Pffft!


Swanson enjoying some delicious satay. Weird that the food comes with Lego guys in it.


I haven’t seen a car in almost a month. I have seen lots of horses though. Maybe I could drive Cidomo back home?


Why did the chicken cross the road? Who fucking cares?


Finally got a photo of the large Monitor lizard that resides near us. This is him posing in a tree at our restaurant. Poseur. Thinks he’s so big.


Our alley leading to our guest house. It’s as creepy as it looks. It’s also dotted with frightening holes where trolls or grumpkins might dwell.


“I’ll have what she’s having!” Erotic Breakfast Sculpture isn’t just the name of my new band…


I just can’t stop taking photos of the trees. Where are your palms trees, Vancouver? Where!

So we’re just going to relax – at least try to – for our remaining days. I am looking forward and not looking forward to returning in a few weeks. It will be nice to be home, sleep in my own bed (it will be more than a year since I’ve done this), see my friends, play some hockey and drink some good fucking beer. But it’s going to be a weird adjustment as well. I’ll be back at work behind the desk at the video stores, we won’t have a car or scooter and all (well, many) of the problems I left behind last September will come flooding back. But I really can’t complain. I’m returning with a ridiculous tan. Damn life. Great life.


You’d have to be a mad man not to enjoy life on Gili Air.

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  1. This is a no brainer–next career–travel writer, travel agent on the cheap, travel guide on the cheap. You could specialize in old hippies as the younger set would be too crazy.

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