Barcelona or Bust

Well, Barcelona is our last stop in Spain before abandoning Europe for Africa next week. It’s a great town full of fairly good food, tons of cool art and architecture, beaches and Gaudi, lots and lots of Gaudi. Which is cool by me (not so much the wife) as it’s awesomely awesome stuff (I think that is the official description of his work in his autobiography). We made it up to the ridiculously enormous Sagrada Famila which is pretty damn mind-blowing. The downside is that much of the interior was closed for maintenance – as part of it always is since they’re still building the damn thing – and I didn’t know that you could/had to buy tickets for the lift in the towers ahead of time. Swanson spent the entire time bitching about it. Sorry dude.


It’s a wonderfully terrifying-looking building. And it’s not even done yet (this is the 3rd century it’s been under construction).


Gwar!!! I will devour your soul!

It’s immense and quite beautiful and easily one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen (even if it is just a giant church). The photos don’t really do it justice so I won’t bore you with too many. I’ll post more on the ugliest shirt Facebook page.

Once entering you are made to look up. Way up.


I should be pick-pocketing these rubes.


Who let that guy in?


Ya, that guy!


Notice the halo? Ahhhhh! (churchy, angely halo sound)

One thing I’ve noticed about Spain (and Portugal as well) is that nobody seems to know how to walk. Folks just walk straight at you or they cut in front of you as if you’re not even there. Whoa, maybe I’m not here! Maybe this is but a dream. Maybe I’m dead! Maybe…sorry. I digress. Walkers! Damn them! It’s like they want to play chicken on the sidewalks with you. Walking chicken. I actually didn’t move one time and a woman walked right into me. I should have lowered my shoulder and laid her out with a sweet check into the boards. Makes me crazy walking around these parts, it does.


Don’t even get me started on the tourists riding Segways.

Seen many interesting things including some cool street art…


Ronnie’s little red box reads “Killing Americans One Happy Meal at a Time”. Sweet.


See Mom, I’m not the only who thinks McDonalds is evil!

And some not-so-cool above-the-urinals-art in a restaurant…


I think she likes me!

We made it down to the beach. Barcelona has some pretty cool beaches. Swanson got himself photo-bombed again.


No, that’s not a giant shark.


Swanson! Look out! Random shirtless dude behind you!

We’re hoping to take in some live entertainment, Barcelona style! This band looks intriguing…


You might know them better as “Bat Shit Apes” with their chart-topping single “Diaper-Wearing, Poop-Throwing Monkey Butler”

I hear that they’re playing their fiery brand of rock and roll at one of the finer local establishments..


They’re saving up for the neck.

If that doesn’t work out there’s always this…


And it’s right around the corner from our B & B! Just going to the store to get some smokes!

We’re off to Morocco next Tuesday for a week of insanity in tent cities. (You Ted Nugent fans might get that “joke”). Hoping to have some swell stories for you.

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