As many of you know, I love me some chips. They’re great! For me it’s the taste and the crunchy texture. It’s an amazing combination. During our travels I’ve come across many different flavours of chips. I’d like to share some of those flavours with you now. I haven’t tried any of these as I’m afraid. Very afraid. I hope that you are sitting down…


Mmm-mmm! Meatballs. They always taste better in chip form when made by a spunky teenager with a spatula.


Straight from Italy! Swiss cheese flavour! I don’t know why either.


Chinese lobster! (I think that was original name of Axel Rose’s solo LP) Comes with smaller butter flavoured chips and a plastic bib.


And, of course, the traditional English ham with a side of what might be mustard. Or margarine. Not too sure because, well…England.


Salmon! Made whisk fresh everyday!

There are many more scrumptious flavours not shown. They might include, Seaweed, Spicy Squid, Haggis, Smoked Lungfish, Pipe Tobacco, Sock-in-Shoe, Micro-Management, Solar Flare, Solar Plexus, Mind Worms, Uncle’s Lap, Broken Home and Air of Desperation. Good eating. I’ll see if I can get some more photos.



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