Coming Down the Mountain


After finishing our visit with the dusty, wrinkly beasts (elephants!), we boarded the train to Kanchanaburi for a couple days. It’s claim to fame is that it’s the home of the Bridge over the River Kwai (another film I’ll have to re-watch upon our return). The actual bridge and the actual river. Well, the river is still there anyways (the original bridge was destroyed a long time ago). It also has a lovely national park with a long trek up the mountain punctuated by 7 different waterfalls. Seven! Holy hotdogs! If you like waterfalls, then well, there’s seven of them here!


All aboard the ghost train!

We spent a lovely, if not tiring, 5 hours trekking, swimming, climbing, sweating and having our feet nibbled on by tiny fishes in the hot hot heat. There were far too many people (lots of pushy Russians in tiny bathing suits) for my liking and some pinheads left behind some rude garbage, but it was a lots of fun. Even the three children seemed to have a good time. And after all of that outdoor hullabaloo, the beer tasted fucking great at the end of the day. Even if it was just Singha (best of a bad lot here in Thailand).


Yes that is a diaper (child’s I presume) that some idiot left behind.


Now where did I leave that tire? Oh ya, in that beautiful park, down by the river.

Now, I’m not the biggest admirer of waterfalls. Yes they’re pretty and all of that but I don’t get why folks lose their shit over them. It’s just water. And it’s falling. Mind blown.


Yep, that’s some water falling alright.


Мой купальный костюм слишком мал для моей большой области !

And the rules we had to follow! It was almost like 1943 Germany!


But my trousers really wanted to swim!


We came across someone’s wardrobe in the middle of the forest. Seemed weird and normal at the same time.

As mentioned the bridge over the River Kwai was another attraction in this sleepy little town. The original bridge was destroyed long ago but they built a new one that folks flock to for some reason.


It is a nice bridge.


Folks flocking.


Swanson thought it was da bomb! Get it?


Nice view from atop of the bridge. I keep hoping these giant Buddha statues will come to life like in the Sinbad movies and start attacking everyone. Hasn’t happened yet.


Swanson gives thumbs up on a fun day in the nature.

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