Dreaming of beers and beaches in Lombok


Boats be boatin’…

We’ve stayed at some dodgy places along our journey. We’ve also stayed at some great places. Here in Lombok we’ve been served up both. We arrived at a lovely little place – little being only 4 rooms – but only had one night due to complications that I won’t bore you with. We loved this amazing home-stay – nice big room and outdoor seating area, great pool and the woman that ran was fabulous, cooking us a fantastic meal (for only $5!) and hanging out with us after dinner and chatting. It was one of those places that you’ll remember and we were very sad to leave as they were booked solid. I was even more sad when we arrived at our next place. But we were in Lombok primarily to get our visas extended so we can have one more month in Indonesia so whatever, it’s just a room right?


The visa office was surprisingly barren. Would you let this guy stay in your country?

If it weren’t for the weird floor that was basically rocks that had been painted black, the tiny, crowded room (we had to get an extra bed for Swanson), the disturbingly murky swimming pool that made us nervous to swim in it, the view of the landfill next door, the bathroom that smelled like an elephant’s butt, the water that sometimes works along with the electricity, the mosque next door that blasted prayers at least five times a day (the first prayer wakes everyone up around 4am) and lasts about ½ hour or longer (sometimes its yelled into the distorted loudspeaker by horrible children), the location – kms from anything and the terrible restaurant, this would be a great place. The staff and owners are incredibly nice so that helps but I can’t wait to get out of here. Oh, and it’s overpriced – actually more expensive than the wonderful spot we had when we arrived. They do offer free transport, which we took full advantage of, offsetting the cost by at least one night’s stay.


The pool reminded me of the movie Alligator. What is lying in the murk? Oh and enjoy the nice view!


Giant mosque kicking around here. Not the one beside our place but it sure sounded like it.


Not too sure if they’re for or against ISIS. It is Indonesia.

We haven’t been doing much in Lombok, spending a couple of days getting the visas. There’s tours to be had but we’re a little tired of these types of adventures and Swanson can’t handle 8 hours being driven around. He barfed just outside the immigration office after a 20 minute drive. Poor bastard. I got my hair cut. We drank some beer. Heard Hotel California by The Eagles at least 6 times. We went out to a beach that was recommended by the staff. It was a pretty fun day despite the beach being littered with tons of trash. That was quite depressing. There just isn’t any thought or effort put into keeping litter in it’s place. Give a fucking hoot, Indonesia!


Not too sure who drives this boat.


Fishing guys fishing.


It’s hot, give the guy in the bank a break!

We were the only tourists on the beach and therefore we were quite popular. We had our photos taken numerous times by various groups of school kids (nice classroom!) and even had a bunch of punks hang around and watch us play cards. We felt a little hesitant about swimming (not just because to the garbage on the beach and in the water) as the locals swam in all of their clothes. We were already conspicuous just being there, never mind strutting around half naked. It was a fun day all told, chatting and having fun with all these kids. A definite highlight of Lombok.


Cool beans.

So as many of you know, some of my good friends opened a brewery last year. It was named after my hockey team, The Bombers. I have been there since the germ of the idea was born in the parking lot one rainy evening over beers after a game. I helped them with some renos – painting and moving tanks into the joint and helping them taste their product. I’ve been connected to Bomber Brewing since day one. Why am I yammering on about this? I’m not getting paid to promote them. Something I’ll have to talk to them about when I get back. 🙂 Anyways…

Ever since we left Vancouver almost 9 months ago, Bomber beers have been haunting my dreams. Literally. Its been weird. I have have at least ½ dozen dreams about Bomber Brewing (that I can recall). For most of the trip they all involved me trying to get either to the brewery or the liquor store and failing for some reason or another (Bigfoot, snowstorms, no legs). I’m not going to bore you with dream details as I hate listening to people tell me about a fucking dream that they had.

The other night, after we had booked out plane tickets home, I had a dream about Bomber Brewing. I finally, for the first time, made it to the liquor store and bought a bunch of beers – The Super Pest IPA, Shut-Out Stout and a few other made up concoctions – a shandy, radler or hard lemonade or some such nonsense. The connection was obvious – now that I knew when I was heading home, I could reach my beer destination. Unfortunately I didn’t make it home in my dream as I was interrupted by a 2 block-long garbage scow blocking my way (probably reflecting my view from our hotel room) and a 600 foot dinosaur. No idea. Time maybe? Again, I won’t bore you with the details. So the dream is almost complete. I imagine, as I’m sleeping on the plane flying home, I’ll be dreaming of Bomber beer – either drinking it or bathing in it somewhere – probably my high school. Naked.


Even in waking life I can’t escape The Bombers. (I hope that the Buldogs beat Fred!)

We move onto the Gili Islands Saturday. I cant wait. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it’s pretty great as we might be spending up to a month there. If it is a drag then we’ll have to come up with a plan B on where and how to spend our remaining time that we have left on the trip. We’ll be heading home soon and until then I’ll just keep dreaming of Bomber beer!


Mosque and Moon. The name of my new album.

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