Going Mental on Gili T.

So I wasn’t too sure what to expect when we made our way on a 10 minute boat ride (which took 3 hours in total) from Gili Air to Gili Trawangan, or Gili T to those in the know. I heard it was a crazy, noisey party place. Mental was how it was described by a couple of friends. I half expected to see mayhem and much drunken debauchery in the streets – vomit and piss covered louts passed out in the gutter, people openly fornicating on the streets, dancing on tables, chickens with no heads running around, people fighting bears, maybe a Mad Max style Thunder-dome where 2 men enter, one man leaves type scenario. Or at least part of me was hoping for all of this.


Well I guess there is this. There has yet to be a device yet invented that can measure my disdain for a party on a boat with any of these people. I just can’t get Jiggy with it.


I was expecting more of this but with, you know, less ice cream.

Instead what we got was a lovely, busier version of Gili Air. The streets were a bit wider, definitely many more folks out and about, lots of music both live (Hotel California, Reggae style anyone?) and mind-crushing canned dance music to destroy your soul and tons of construction going on (these islands are rapidly being developed at an alarming rate). But much to my chagrin, there were to be no death matches, nudity or folks openly rutting on the beaches.


I’d like to say that maybe these signs helped but many women either didn’t understand what they meant or just gave the middle finger to the locals. Tami suggested I take some photos of women in their bikinis to juxtapose with this sign but I thought it might come across as more creepy than I normally am.

We spent three days with the nice Australians we met on Gili Air. One of their sprogs is 9 and into Minecraft and Adventure Time! Swanson and him were inseparable. They had so much fun swimming and Minecrafting and whatever else 9 year-olds do. We all had a blast for the three days we were there (Swanson almost lost his voice with all the yelling). At least my liver can attest to the fun we had. It was so great to finally get a good, new friend for Gus to hang with on this trip.

We basically just spent the days drinking, hanging out, snorkeling, eating some pretty good food at the night market (spring rolls!), drinking, swimming and indulged in a bit of drinking. We splurged a bit on accommodations as it was to celebrate Swanson’s upcoming birthday and what he asked for was a some “swank” digs. It was nice as we had our own upstairs bedroom! It’s been a while since we’ve had any semblance of privacy so it was perfect for us as well (nudge, nudge, wink, wink! Or as Swanson would say “nug, nug, wick, wick). I even watched a movie lying in bed – a knock-off DVD of Ghost Writer. Good flick.


This is the closest I came to getting a photo of our new friends.

As mentioned, Gili T is loud – music blaring to around 3 or so and one night some idiots thought that it would be a good idea to get into some construction – hammering, sawing and other assorted power tools – at around 1 am! What fools think night construction is a good idea. I guess that they were trying to get done whatever they were doing in time for the busy high season that starts next month but I hated them and wished for a quick death to them all.

It was a fun three days that went by quite fast. We all had a very good time, made some swell friends and drank far too much (well Swanson ate too many hotdogs). It was weird coming back to Gili Air. It was so quiet and underpopulated compared to Gili T. And while it would be nice if there were a few more folks around, we kind of like it that way.


Cool street art.


This was what the buffet at the night market looked like.


Looks familiar. Can’t quite put my finger on it.


Spent an afternoon watching dudes surf. Looks like fun. But too much work for me.


Bob Marley isn’t looking too good. Maybe it’s all the bloody fucking magic mushrooms?


I just love life on these goddamn islands!

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