Lisbon Thoughts

Random thoughts and images from the lovely city of Lisbea…

What does 35 Euros a night get you for a hotel room?

A small but clean room complete with beds, a sink and a dodgy-looking bidet (went unused – see previous post). Actual bathroom is shared with other budget travellers. Again, see previous post.


 Bidet hidden to protect the innocent.

Insanely loud traffic. Streetcars. Motorbikes. Drunken Brits. It sounded as if the devil himself was driving the trolley straight into your room and right through your soul.

A small fan that would only stay on for a couple of hours. Then the room would heat up very quickly and you’d awake in a hot, fetid hellhole that smelled of feet and you would swear that you were inside of the devil’s anal cavity. Yes, that’s the same devil driving the trolley.

Three Russian shirt-less guys crammed onto the couch in the common area, which is right beside our room, smoking cigarettes and watching Portuguese television.

A nice view of the abandoned, terrifying-looking building across the street. I’m sure it was filled with ghosts or hobos or probably ghost hobos.


Why does the house scream? Why?

Folks love statues. And folks love having their photos taken with statues for some reason.



Here’s a hilarious T-shirt commemorating the 1755 earthquake and tsunami that decimated the city, killing tens of thousands of people.


 A-ha-ha, your’e all gonna die!

Lisbon is a lovely old city that is a pleasure to walk around…



photo-10Spider pig, spider pig…

photo-9Hey, mister, want to buy some hashish? Some Marijuana? Cocaine? I have it all! (actual conversation)

photoThis is the view from our little cheapo hotel room. Not too bad, eh?

Had a really nice time riding the rails…

photo-4Does this shirt make me look fat?

There are lots of great-looking people in Lisbea. Some quite fashionable and some…well…

photo-2This guy is either a famous writer/poet or, well, he needs a new bag.

And of course, there’s this fashionista!


4 thoughts on “Lisbon Thoughts

  1. oh beefie. those fat guy picks remind me so much of…me.

    oh, i wore your jersey the other night and scored. maybe you’ll make the scoresheet afterall.

    g. xo

    • Hah! You look good in any type of garb. Nice to see that the old jersey still has some magic left in it. Wish I was there on the ice with you and the rest of the boys! Keep up the good work and keep finding the back of the net.

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