Living in the Land that Lego Built.


So when we told Swanson about going on this trip we mentioned that there was a large Legoland theme park in Malaysia. Needless to say he was more than a little excited. So we plotted our course to hit Johor Bahru – the town in southern Malaysia where Legoland is located. If you’re thinking, “That’s an odd part of the world for such a place” then you wouldn’t be alone.


Behold! And yes, it’s entirely made out of Lego.

It’s also insanely expensive. I know that Lego is plotting to take over the world, one brick a time (Lego, contact me if you want to use that for your slogan), but the cost to visit this place was crazy. Luckily for Swanson (and us!) my mum and sister treated us to three days at the Legoland Hotel which is located at the park itself. If they didn’t we’d have to get some cheap-ass hotel in town (wherever that was) and bus it there everyday. It was a nice Christmas present to us all and very much appreciated!


Hello! Anyone? We’re here!

One thing that I was looking forward to was having separate rooms! We’d been sharing one room hotels/hostels/shacks/lean-twos since mid November and little privacy was welcome. Unfortunately, as soon as we arrived and had a snack (something called pizza nachos – and yes they were as disgusting as they sound) and an $8 beer (!), the wife took ill and spent the rest of the evening darting between the bed and the bathroom. She did state that it was a lovely bathroom in which to vomit. She missed the better part of the next day doing much of the same and didn’t start to feel better until we left. Sigh.

So we hit the park for fun in the sun. The thing that was striking to me was how empty the place was. Maybe it was because it’s mid-week or maybe because it’s insanely pricey and many Malaysians could never afford to come here, but the park was vi virtually urs – hardly another soul in sight. This was fantastic for us as there were no waiting for any of the rides or attractions. Many times we were the only ones on or at them. But it did lend to an eerie quality to the park, which I quite appreciated.


Theme parks are pretty weird when there’s nobody else around.


I kept hearing the creepy “shshshsh…hhahaha” sounds from Friday the 13th…


There are more staff than customers. 


So lonely.

Swanson had the time of his life “Best day of my life!” he was heard to exclaim. He especially loved the water park – as did I as it was a great respite from the heat even if I did get sunburned beyond measure. Here’s a bunch of images for your eyes to enjoy of our time in the land of Lego!


Not too sure what Swanson is doing to the short guy there but the evil camel approves.


Empty Lego train. Kind of sad, really.


Swanson! Look out! Behind you!


This Lego guy is actually asleep (you can hear him snoring) not posing as a Catholic priest. 


I imagined that this Lego building was supposed to say “I Heart NY” and I thought, what a bunch of idiots to screw that up. Then I realized the MY stood for Malaysia. Now who’s the idiot? 


Swanson stalking “That Emmet guy”


Getting closer… 


Success! I’d be looking out the window when I got home if I was Emmet.



2 thoughts on “Living in the Land that Lego Built.

  1. “everything is awesome – when you’re part of a team”! Emmet and Legoland look fab! Can just picture Will Ferrell moving you all around there without your knowledge… creepy..
    xo Liz

    • Hah! Yes it was a lot of fun. More than I expected. We spent hours in the water park. Not photos though as it’s a water park.

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