To Cart or Not to Cart?

So we took a ride in a couple of “becaks’, aka cyclos, rickshaws or former bikes reassembled with a carriage on the front that a guy in the back pedals folks around in. It was hot and we’ve walked the walk many times here in Jogja. It was walk that I wasn’t too excited to relive.

We talked about using this mode of transportation. It’s a troubling subject. I feel like such a knob, like a privileged rich white tourist being carted around by a “lower class” local. It didn’t help that he¬†was an older gentleman. I feel I should be carting him around. As we ride down the streets I feel the judging eyes upon me as we pass folks by. I feel so uncomfortable and I hate it.

But at the same time, these guys are looking for work. I can take the high road and not use them, but who is that actually helping? I did feel a little better after observing locals using the becaks. It doesn’t cost us much and puts a little money in the pockets of the drivers and in the local economy. Hopefully it helps these guys out. Conflict ensues.

I welcome your thoughts on the matter.


Swanson, our driver, the Dangler and my privileged white ass.


Same same but different.


Swanson quite likes the ride.





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