Tree of Life

Well, that’s that. We’ve found our Eden, our Shangri-La, our Valhalla our Escape from New York. And we’re not leaving. After much deliberation we’ve decided to accept the offer from the fine folk where we are staying and become gainfully employed with the opportunity to take over their bungalow and bar business! How fucking cool is that? We will work here learning the business front and back for the next 2 years and then we will run the place after that as the current owners are retiring.

It’s great as it gives us time to learn and indulge in everything we have always wanted; meditation, yoga, kickboxing, 3-D archery, tantric sex and caging small birds. I cant’ wait. Sorry to all of you who expected us to return this summer…but here is where we want to be…

















April Fools, fuckers!

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